Buying one of my artworks is the highest form of recognition that I can receive as an artist. 


Witnessing a photograph come to life during the printing process is just as rewarding as the process leading up to that. My commitment is to deliver the highest quality possible. To make sure my art exceeds your needs, all my photos are printed on gorgeous bright white textured FineArt William Turner watercolor paper, which creates a beautiful depth. The paper is made of one hundred percent cotton and has a high-quality matte inkjet coating. The matte coating meets the highest industry standards with regard to density, color gamut, color gradation, color gamut and image sharpness retention. The paper maintains a subtle matt appearance that really lends itself to the content of my photographs. In combination with waterbased pigmented ink it guarantees brilliant results.


All work is framed in a BARTH Larson Juhl natural oak wood frame. The simple, transparent finish highlights the natural beauty of solid wood and simplicity. The four-point suspension system distributes the weight of the frame evenly over the eucalyptus back wall. With the following result; the eucalyptus back wall remains completely taut and the frame can be hung perfectly balanced in any orientation of your choice. On top of that your special work of art is framed behind special glass. Clarity by Larson-Juhl is non-reflective glass, the best picture framing glass of its kind and almost invisible. This anti-reflective glass, reduces unwanted effects reflection significantly and improves the aesthetics of the artwork. It blocks UV radiation through a durable and scratch-resistant coating. This glass, used in museums all over the world, is an original and innovative product with excellent results for any framed object.


Due to these high standards of printing and framing, I offer a life long guarantee.


To ensure perfection, every print is color tested and checked by me personally. Therefor don't expect your artwork to be shipped the next day, expect a quality unique work of art custom made for you and packed for shipment with the highest level of care and attention. All prints are sold as limited editions of 10, so you are assured of an unique work of art and you will off course receive a certificate of authenticity. 


The only thing you have to do, is find a perfect place to encounter your moment of pause every day.